VIRTUES CIED • Cardiovascular Network of Canada — CANet

Digital Health


Accessible via mobile and desktop devices, the VIRTUES CIED platform provides remote support to patients with Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED).

VIRTUES COVID-19 features include:

  • helping patients who live with pacemakers and ICD implants through a shift to patient-centred care
  • a patient-orientated CIED management model that allows patients to view up-to-date information about their ICD/pacemaker and receive communications about transmissions
  • accessible feedback between a patient and their care team regarding the need for any action or therapy


  • Over 500 patients (ICD and Pacemaker) are currently enrolled in the VIRTUES CIED study.
  • Patient and CIED clinic staff feedback is continuously incorporated into the design of VIRTUES CIED, which includes demographics, medical conditions, laboratory data, medications, and education to allow a comprehensive analysis followed by determination of the most appropriate management plan by the caregivers and the patient.
    • Feedback is then further incorporated into all other VIRTUES care sets.
  • VIRTUES CIED is currently available as a downloadable app on the Google Play and iOS App Store in English and French.


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