Enhancing Patients’ Care Pathways

CANet has over 97,000 patients enrolled in cardiac research programs and more than 200 investigators across Canada. Our Network conducts clinical research under three broad themes.

  • Technological innovations to improve the treatment of cardiac arrhythmia conditions.
  • Innovative, safe, and effective treatments to prevent
    1. sudden cardiac death;
    2. the progression of atrial fibrillation and related illness and death; and
    3. disabling syncope.
  • Effective solutions to promote a sustainable health system by empowering patients to manage their conditions.

Research from our Network has a significant impact on health and wealth creation in Canada.

We provide the biotechnology industry with opportunities to develop, test, and market new technologies and therapies for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias. With our digital health initiatives, we capitalize on advances in computing power, internet-based communication, and accessible data to improve cardiac arrhythmia-related knowledge and care.

Our research partners include clinicians, biomedical and other researchers, engineers, industry and government, and most importantly, patients.

Patient-Led Research

From governance to research to cardiac disease management, patients are co-leaders in our Network.

We value and ensure patient partnership, their involvement, and their acceptance of research methodologies throughout the research cycle; from its conception to execution, from its implementation to evaluation. Their participation enriches research outcomes, allows patients to co-manage their cardiac arrhythmia disorders, and helps produce economic and social benefits for Canada.

There is an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate the impact of patient involvement on Network operations and outcomes. In doing so, we are adding to the growing science on patient engagement and providing evidence for future public policy development in healthcare delivery and innovation.

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The future of our initiatives will be sustained by the next generation of investigators, clinicians, and healthcare professionals. We formed the CANet HQP Association for Trainees (CHAT) to nurture new professionals in public and private research through the development of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP).

CHAT provides its members valuable resources and opportunities to network with like-minded colleagues, and participate in events and competitions across Canada that help strengthen their research and career development.

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CANet-Funded Projects/Programs