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Are you, someone you love, or a client you care for living with a heart condition in Canada?

Our community offers access to information, ways to get involved, and connections to peer support.

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Informed by YOU and for YOU!

Our leading team of experts can’t do it without the partnership of patients and caregivers.

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  • Partner with CANet as a member of our working groups to inform the advancement of our digital health initiatives.

We particularly welcome connections from those who may identify as:

  • Members of Indigenous communities
  • Racialized, ethnic and cultural minority groups
  • Individuals with (dis)ability

  • Members of 2SLGBTQ+ communities
  • Francophones and people who speak English as their second language

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Past Events

Public Forum
Perspectives Unveiled — Increasing Our Understanding Between Healthcare Providers and Patients
October 25, 2023 — 5:30PM – 8:00PM EDT
Montreal, Quebec

In partnership with Pewaseskwan and the Canadian Heart Function (CHF) Alliance, at our upcoming Public Forum. Informed by patient and caregiver voices, this year’s event brings together the Montreal public, patients and caregivers, and healthcare professionals to hear from and pose questions to leading cardiac experts and guest speakers and share experiences of living well.

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Meet Leighton

Meet Leighton

"Working in the military, you get to a breaking point from time to time, and so I had taken up hockey to get my mind in check. I told people how much it was helping, and then on January 10th,...
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