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Digital Health


The VIRTUES COVID-19 digital health solution delivers a new model of virtual care. Supported by Canadian technology, the web-accessible platform improves the access and delivery of quality care, reduce stress for COVID-19 positive patients, decreases exposure to all communities, and protects essential front-line health care workers from the virus.

VIRTUES COVID-19 features include:

  • patient monitoring and management from the onset of their symptoms
    • temperature
    • O2 saturation
    • pulse rate (with a provided home-based pulse oximeter)
  • symptom log tracking with critical alerts for communication between a patient and physician
  • feedback and communication between a patient and their COVID-19 care team regarding the need for important action or therapy

Patient Feedback

“I appreciated being able to upload my information to be monitored by health care professionals.”

“I am so thankful to the virtual care clinic. It was so difficult being isolated, sick, and alone like I was with [my partner] in critical care. My stress level was so high and the clinic helped me through it. Amazing service and it definitely made me feel connected to the health care system without leaving my home.”

“I liked knowing that a professional was monitoring my vitals and symptoms. Also, when something was unusual the comments and the phone call to ask for more were very reassuring.”

“[The platform] is simple, effective, and informative. The follow-up calls from doctors are immensely helpful to understand this virus and to know what to expect. Therefore it reduces anxiety. Thank you to all medical professionals and support staff for their time and genuine care.”


  • Over 800 patients in Ontario have used and continue to use VIRTUES COVID-19.
  • 5 hospitals in Ontario (London, Toronto, St. Mary’s, Niagara, and Ottawa) use VIRTUES COVID-19.
  • A patient requiring immediate hospitalization was identified through VIRTUES COVID-19.
    • The attending physician was able to arrange prompt ambulance pick-up and admittance of the patient, following COVID-19 safety protocols, into the hospital.
    • The patient successfully recovered — a tremendous, successful demonstration of VIRTUES COVID-19.

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