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Atrial Fibrillation


Community Alternatives for Syncope Management in the Emergency Room

CASMER will provide a better and seamless alternative to emergency department assessment for patients with syncope who are at low risk of adverse outcomes. We will create digital resources to provide reliable information to patients, train EMS to risk stratify patients out of hospital, and then offer an outpatient “syncope haven”. It should reduce the burden of recurrent vasovagal syncope, restore quality of life in patients, and lessen the burden on the health care system. These Program activities will also build national network capacity in research, training and career development, and patient engagement in research.

CASMER will provide a better, cheaper alternative to emergency department assessment of patients at low risk of syncope‐related adverse outcomes. This intervention is the key step to reducing syncope‐related health services expenses by 30% (CANet target).

CASMER will develop a patient engagement group linked to the premiere international organization (STARS UK) with a website as a support platform for patients, clinicians, and investigators.

CASMER will include research training in patient research, health economics, and study design and execution, and train a cohort of patient researchers in conducting peer‐to‐peer research.

Project Lead

Dr. Satish Raj

University of Calgary