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Atrial Fibrillation


Patient-Centred AF management Program (PCAF)

The aim of the PCAF program is to reduce atrial fibrillation (AF) admissions to hospital. Many hospitalizations and emergency room visits for AF can be prevented by better understanding patient motivation for presentation to the emergency room, by developing a patient AF toolkit based on such motivations, by supporting a patient-centred management of AF with a clinical safety net infrastructure, and by assessing whether such a strategy ultimately reduces AF hospitalizations. Overall, this program aims to inform, develop, and validate the AF component of CANet’s over-arching innovative Virtual Integrated Reliable Transformative User-Drive E-health System (VIRTUES) platform.


  • Empower patients to self-manage their AF care
  • Develop a safety net to support patient-centred AF care with appropriate integrated multidisciplinary support
  • Reduce AF hospitalizations and emergency department visits

Project Lead

Dr. Benedict Glover 
Queen’s University

Program Lead:

  • Dr. Peter Leong-Sit, Western University