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Enhanced Cardiovascular Care — VIRTUES

Enrollment has commenced for a groundbreaking national study that will help revolutionize cardiovascular care. Anyone who has or may have a cardiovascular condition is welcome to participate.

“VIRTUES equips healthcare providers with the up-to-date medical information about each patient, offering specific recommendations and various options to ensure the best possible care,” explains Dr. Anthony Tang, Scientific Director, and CEO of CANet. “The platform also educates patients on the rationale behind these recommendations, fostering a deeper understanding of their treatment.”

VIRTUES is holistic digital health solution designed around Care Sets, each focusing on a specific condition.
For patients with co-morbidities—multiple concurrent conditions—several Care Sets can be enabled simultaneously, working together to provide comprehensive treatment.

New Care Sets can be added at any time, ensuring the platform’s continuous growth and adaptability.

The goal is to improve and optimize patient-specific guideline-based therapy, outcomes, and health-care providers’ efficiency.

“Our healthcare system in Canada faces sustainability challenges, and many patients struggle to receive adequate care due to geographic barriers, especially in rural regions,” says Dr. Ratika Parkash, Associate Scientific Director at CANet. “VIRTUES has the potential to reach every Canadian, regardless of location, ethnicity, or other barriers.”

VIRTUES is a transformative initiative aimed at providing the highest quality cardiovascular care for everyone.

Source: Hospital News