It’s official; we’ve changed names! • Cardiovascular Network of Canada — CANet
CANet Name Change — Cardiovascular Network of Canada

It’s official; we’ve changed names!

Today, we proudly announce our organization’s official name change to the Cardiovascular Network of Canada (CANet).

This change reflects our accomplishments, impacts, and progression as we create, test, evaluate, and implement innovative solutions for better cardiac care and managing complex health conditions for all Canadians.

Our goal is to empower Canadians to utilize innovative digital health transformative tools for co-management of their health at home in their communities while maintaining patient-provider relationships and honouring the Canadian culture of our publicly funded healthcare system.

Previously recognized as the Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada, since 2014, we have focused on patient-led cardiac arrhythmia research discovery, innovation, and engagement. Our Network brought together Canada’s globally recognized experts, harnessing the talents of the best researchers, engineers, and social scientists, in a wide array of related disciplines to share ideas and advance the field of arrhythmia research and treatment. We recognize patients with arrhythmia also have related cardiovascular conditions. To make a real impact on improving the lives of our patients, we’ve broadened the scope of the Network to focus on cardiovascular health.

Federally funded, we partnered with academic institutions, globally recognized industries, not-for-profit organizations, and federal and provincial government agencies to improve the lives of cardiac arrhythmia patients.

As a patient-driven organization, the Cardiovascular Network of Canada will continue to work with our partners, expanding our efforts to offer innovative digital transformation solutions for managing complex cardiovascular conditions.

Over the past eight years, our interdisciplinary Network with clinical, engineering, social science, legal, computer science, and behavioural science strengths co-created a digital health platform called VIRTUES in collaboration with patients.

VIRTUES provides patients with a patient-owned, cloud-based solution that integrates symptoms, remote monitoring data, and historical health data. VIRTUES outputs the integrated data and formulates personalized treatment recommendations and education to help individuals better manage their complex medical conditions.

Ultimately, our vision is a transformed healthcare system, driving quality and affordable care for better cardiovascular health outcomes.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to sharing our achievements and ask that you spread the word informing others about our organization’s efforts and the change in our name.


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