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Dr. Ratika Parkash

Cardiologist, Nova Scotia Health Authority, Nova Scotia

With over two decades of excellence in cardiovascular care, Dr. Ratika Parkash has not only demonstrated clinical proficiency but also embodied a commitment to people-centered care. Dr. Parkash’s journey, marked by unwavering dedication and a thirst for knowledge, has shaped her into a renowned figure in her field.

Dr. Parkash is a Cardiologist with the Nova Scotia Health Authority, where she has made significant contributions to the understanding and treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF) and cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs). Her commitment to advancing medical knowledge is reflected in her involvement in numerous clinical trials focused on AF mechanisms, management strategies, and catheter ablation in heart failure patients. She is also the Associate Scientific Director of CANet and holds a University Research Professorship at Dalhousie University.

Dr. Parkash’s impact extends beyond research and academia; it resonates deeply with her patients. Through her understanding approach and dedication to the patient experience, she has garnered profound respect and admiration from those in her care.

One patient, Tim, recounts his experience under Dr. Parkash’s care:

“She is a very rare combination of human and clinician. She always cares about you and it’s obvious. She has faith in technology as well. During the bad times of COVID, when my leads in my icd were broken, and it was problematic to try to remove them. Ratika came up with a solution that allowed me to soldier on. She is the EP for almost everybody in our family. We cannot say enough about her kindness and professionalism.” – Tim, Patient

Dr. Parkash positively impacts the experiences of not only her patients but their loved ones as well.

“Dr. Ratika Parkash performed catheter Ablation on my husband which went very well. We found her very kind and she was more than willing to answer any of our questions regarding my husbands A-Fib and informed us what we could expect when it came to my husband’s surgery. We found that she was very knowledgeable on all aspects of Catheter Ablation and was honest regarding what complications that could happen with the surgery. We were both very comfortable knowing that she would be performing the surgery. Many thanks to her for being so kind to us at a time that was very stressful. I love my husband very much and I truly am grateful to Dr. Parkash for taking such good care of my husband.”  – Patient

Dr. Parkash’s leadership and expertise have positioned her as a driving force amongst cardiologists in Canada. What are her motivations and how can others in her field learn from her successes.

What do you like most about practicing medicine?

The ability to help patients with heart rhythm disorders feel and live better as well as live longer. As a physician, we have the training and knowledge to make someone who may be at risk for a sudden catastrophic event avoid that event, or someone who has debilitating symptoms improve so that they can live a better life. These factors are what make me appreciate the practice of medicine; it is an excellent combination of art and science in one profession.

Can you share any tips or key considerations with new healthcare professionals on providing exceptional patient care?

The main thing is to listen to your patient and address the issues that are bothering them the most. Untangling a patient’s symptoms and what can be done to help them is the ‘art’ of medicine and is integral to providing exceptional care. Knowledge is critical to providing patient’s optimal care, mixing this with empathy and timeliness of care are also important. In my experience, patients want a few things from their doctor: they want to be listened to, they want to feel better, they want advice about their current problem and avoiding future problems, with a careful balance of risk/benefit presented to them. Trust is an important part of a patient-physician interaction, and inspiring confidence/trust in your patients is part of the practice of medicine that must not be forgotten.

Her tireless dedication to advancing medical knowledge and enhancing patient care serves as an inspiration to colleagues and patients alike, solidifying her legacy as a beacon of excellence in cardiology. From the CANet community to you Ratika, thank you!