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Dr. Sarah Blissett

Cardiologist, London Health Sciences Centre

In the realm of cardiology, where every heartbeat counts, the patient experience is paramount. Dr. Sarah Blissett, Cardiologist with the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), Assistant Professor and Co-Program Director of the Cardiology Subspecialty Residency Program at Western University, stands as a beacon of people-centred care and innovation in her field.

With a clinical focus on Adult Congenital Heart Disease, Cardio-Obstetrics, and Cardiac Imaging, Dr. Blissett seamlessly blends expertise with compassion, garnering admiration from patients and their loved ones alike.

Dr. Blissett’s accomplishments are impressive and equally so are the words her patients use to illustrate how appreciative they are of her care.

“I was referred to Dr. Sarah Blissett in 2020. It was during Covid, so all of our interactions were electronic, telephone, email and OTN video chat. After extensive tests, it was determined that I needed valve replacement surgery, which was performed by another surgeon in 2021. Dr. Blissett was there with me every step of the way, to answer all of my questions. She has always been very caring and thorough in all of our interactions, and when we finally met in person after my surgery, I was able to give her a hug for being such an angel.

Dr. Sarah Blissett is a doctor who truly cares for her patients. She always makes herself available, and I always feel fully supported. My quality of life has greatly improved, and I have her to thank. We are blessed to have a doctor of her caliber in our health care system.” – Lorraine, Patient

Another patient, navigating the delicate intersection of cardiac health and pregnancy, expresses gratitude for Dr. Blissett’s unwavering support.

“Dr. Sarah Blissett is the best care provider I have had and have met while working in healthcare myself. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure at 19 weeks pregnant. She ensured each step of the way I understood what was occurring in my body, allowed me to ask questions and have an input on my treatment.

Recognizing the potential for multiple hospital stays, she collaborated with me through open email and telephone conversations to establish a streamlined plan for immediate attention at OB triage, minimizing unnecessary tests, making quick medication adjustments, and expediting treatment. Dr. Blissett’s patient-centred approach empowered me, providing a sense of control in a daunting situation. Her proactive involvement and support extended beyond cardiology, helping me navigate other aspects of my care and fostering cohesive teamwork for positive outcomes.

Dr. Blissett’s dedication not only to my medical needs but also to me as an individual reflects her commitment to patient well-being. She did this by taking the time to understand my preferences and values in care, made me an integral part of my healthcare journey and by demonstrating personal interest by remembering details like the book I was reading. Her exceptional care and attention to detail make her a valuable asset to both LHSC and her patients.” – Amanda, Patient

Dr. Blissett’s contributions to the medical field, research, and improving the patient experience are undeniable. 

CANet asked Dr. Blissett the following questions:

What do you like most about practicing medicine?

I truly love my job! I care for people born with heart disease, and work with specialized teams to care for people with heart disease that are pregnant or contemplating pregnancy. It’s a privilege to be a part of their care and support their goals – It’s amazing to hear about how good people feel after treating their congenital heart disease, and heartwarming to see how thrilled they are with their newborns.

Can you share any tips or key considerations with new healthcare professionals on providing exceptional patient care?

My tip is to be intentional about the impact you can have on a person and their loved ones. People will remember the way you spoke to them, the time you spent, and your attention to their concerns on what might be the best or the worst day of their life.

In a setting that can often feel impersonal, Dr. Blissett reminds us of the profound impact that empathy and expertise can have on healing hearts. Our CANet community of Patients & Caregivers sincerely thanks you!