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Dr. Steve Wilton

Cardiologist, Libin Cardiovascular Institute, Alberta

Dr. Steve Wilton, a distinguished Cardiac Electrophysiologist and Associate Professor at the University of Calgary’s Cumming School of Medicine, embodies excellence in patient experience. With a fervent commitment to advancing cardiovascular health, Dr. Wilton’s research program spans both clinical and health services domains. His focus lies in the prevention and treatment of prevalent cardiovascular diseases, aiming to alleviate their significant burden on individuals and communities alike. Moreover, Dr. Wilton assumes the pivotal role of Scientific Director for Alberta Health Services’ Cardiovascular Health and Stroke Strategic Clinical Network (SCN), a Network bringing together programs and services to improve the prevention, treatment, and management of cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Wilton’s dedication to people-centred care is not only evident in his research but also in the sentiments expressed by those under his care. Patients attest to his unwavering commitment to their well-being and his empathetic approach to addressing their concerns.

“Dr. Wilton is a kind and caring person who is respectful of the stress we as patients might be experiencing. He has a calming presence which helps patients deal with any uneasiness prior to their procedure.” – Patient

He has a unique ability to detect the cause of a concern and works diligently and efficiently to ease the patient’s suffering.

“Absolutely amazing doctor, when no one else could figure out what was wrong with my heart, he fixed it immediately, bedside manner superb, excellent and caring man.” – Patient

Drawing from his wealth of experience, Dr. Wilton shares invaluable insights for future healthcare professionals on delivering exceptional patient experiences. Dr. Wilton states:

While the practise of medicine is incredibly complex and always changing, I think that excellence in clinical care can be boiled down to 3 equally important dimensions, or 3 Cs.

  • Competence: It is fundamental to obtain and maintain the knowledge and skills required to perform at a high level.
  • Communication: Provide clear explanations using principles of risk communication, be available, be humble and be transparent about errors, areas for improvement, and/or areas of uncertainty.
  • Compassion: Really listen and see patients as whole people, understand that we likely do not have insight into their entire experience, don’t be judgemental and use our position of privilege to advocate for their wellbeing.

By prioritizing these principles, future physicians can cultivate meaningful connections with their patients and elevate the standard of care in cardiovascular care delivery. Through his exemplary leadership and compassionate patient care, Dr. Steve Wilton continues to redefine standards in cardiac medicine, leaving an indelible mark on the field and the lives he touches. CANet thanks you for your dedication and commitment to the patient experience.