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Janel Dhooma

Janel Dhooma is a Data Manager – Research Analyst at London Health Sciences Centre with Lawson Health Research Institute in London, Ontario. Janel completed her undergraduate degree in Kinesiology (2015) from The University of Guelph-Humber and later graduated with her Master of Public Health degree from Western University (2019).

Janel has a passion for epidemiology and the study of diseases, which stems from a profound interest in understanding the complexities of public health and its impact on communities. Networking with experts in the field is something Janel notes as providing invaluable insights and inspiration and guiding her towards her career aspirations. With a background in public health, Janel is currently engaged in developing operating procedures for the VIRTUES application in a study she is involved in, alongside compiling a comprehensive literature review with the Cardiovascular Trials Coordinating Centre.

Janel’s journey in clinical research has been driven by her passion for data analytics and epidemiology. Working alongside esteemed professionals like Dr. Anthony Tang and Dr. George Wells has been an unparalleled opportunity for her growth and learning, which has facilitated Janel’s continuous expansion of her knowledge and skills. Noting Dr. Tang’s mentorship, Janel highlights how his guidance has been pivotal in fostering her professional growth, sharing how his expertise and teaching has been instrumental in shaping her journey in clinical research.

When asked what Janel most enjoys about the CANet CHAT community, she shared that “CANet provided an enriching environment for professional growth, offering opportunities to enhance my skills and connect with like-minded individuals, ultimately empowering me to achieve my career goals with focus and determination.”

In October 2023, Janel attended CANet’s Expert Knowledge Exchange in Montreal, and presented her research during the CHAT Oral Presentation competition. She presented on “Handling Missing Data”, earning two awards in the General Interest category: General Interest Presentation Award and Audience-Selected Presentation Award!

Another recent academic endeavor Janel is thrilled to share is her contribution to the RAFT Collaborating Team, resulting in a publication in the New England Journal of Medicine.

In Janel’s free time she enjoys expressing her creativity through her social media blog alongside her pursuits in epidemiology and data science. When she is not immersing herself in career-building endeavors, you’ll find Janel in the kitchen trying out new recipes, hitting the gym to stay active, traveling with her spouse David, and occasionally trying to understand why her cats (Cinders and Tribble) don’t like her!