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Jaspreet Randhawa

Jaspreet (Jaz) Randhawa is a graduate student at Harvard Medical School completing her Masters of Medical Sciences (MMSc) degree. Additionally, Jaz is also a cardiology Research Fellow at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) with Lawson Research Institute in London, Ontario.

Jaz’s research interests revolve around bridging the gap between research and practice in healthcare and medical education. Jaz is deeply committed to patient-centric care, recognizing the importance of collaborating with patience as early as possible to co-design initiatives, as the patient is the expert of their lived experience. Additionally, she has a passion for integrating technologies into healthcare innovation and medical education to enhance patient outcomes and care delivery, while emphasizing the critical analysis of their impact. Looking ahead, Jaz aspires to pursue an MD program to become a physician-scientist entrepreneur, furthering her commitment to advancing healthcare through research, practice, and innovation.

Jaz’s background is in Medical Sciences, Applied Computing, Translational Research and Medical Evaluation. Throughout her experiences to date, Jaz has gained a passion for leveraging technologies in healthcare innovation and medical education to improve patient care and patient outcomes. In her role as a Research Fellow with the Cardiovascular Trials Coordinating Centre (CTCC) at LHSC, Jaz is developing algorithms by translating evidence-based clinical guidelines into decision trees for the online platform, VIRTUES. She has previously worked on the antithrombotic management, lipid management, and atrial fibrillation modules for VIRTUES under the mentorship and supervision of Dr. Anthony Tang, Dr. Allan Skanes, and Dr, Matthew Bennet. Currently, Jaz is focusing her efforts on developing the hypertension management module with the supervision and mentorship of Dr. Ratika Parkash and Dr. Anthony Tang.

When asked what Jaz enjoys about being a CHAT Trainee, she shared “CANet is a vibrant ecosystem with diverse and passionate healthcare leaders, change-makers and trainees dedicated to advancing cardiac research. Through active engagement in this community, we have the chance to emerge ourselves in a supportive environment where we can learn, grow, and make a meaningful difference in patient-centric care together. By keeping the patient perspective at the core of our initiatives, our members contribute to transformative advancements in cardiac research, shaping a brighter future for healthcare.”

Outside of school and work, Jaz is Co-Founder and CTO of Specific DX Inc., Co-Manager at Medical Makers, and enjoys hobbies including soccer, volleyball, running, hiking, painting, and cooking! She is a proud dog-mom to her golden retriever Prince, and her family’s rescue cat Roxy. In her free time, she also enjoys playing videogames, designing games and virtual escape rooms, and working on VR/AR projects. She’s a huge Arsenal fan! To stay up-to-date on Jaz and her research, follow her on LinkedIn and visit her ResearchGate profile here.

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