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Immerse yourself in conversations with caregivers and patients living well after diagnosis and gather insight from leading experts from across Canada on research findings that make a difference.

Ticker Talk is hosted by Ann-Marie Julien, a longstanding research partner and peer support group leader with lived experience managing her own cardiac health condition.

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Ann-Marie Julien brings a unique blend of paid work experience as a former executive in the federal public service with notable volunteer experiences in healthcare settings.

Her work in various federal government organizations focused on integrating creative approaches and practices, from leading the delivery of the Canada Student Loans Program to federal-provincial-territorial initiatives as lead within the Division of Aging and Seniors. She has experience in policy development, program design and operation delivery, and spent some time leading teams in strategic human resources and communications.

As a volunteer, Ann-Marie is a peer support group leader for the Women@Heart Program based at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI). She completed three years as a Board member on the UOHI Patient Alumni Association Board of Directors, where she led the development of several patient Discharge videos, introduced a patient toiletries kit, organized several ‘Meet the Expert’ events, and managed the Association’s monthly newsletter and website. She continues working with the UOHI clinical and research teams providing real-life insight and practical ideas to improve patient care. With CANet, Ann-Marie is a Patient Partner with the VIRTUES Patient Working Group and is involved with various activities throughout the Network.

She believes in the power of knowledge and engagement to build strong positive outcomes – for people, for partnerships and for systems.

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