Episode 03: "Be prepared to fight for yourself" — Barbara’s Journey • Cardiovascular Network of Canada — CANet

Episode 03: “Be prepared to fight for yourself” — Barbara’s Journey

Barbara Martin shares her journey as a patient navigating multiple health challenges, ranging from a heart condition to living with a brain injury.

Barbara underscores the utility of understanding the grief cycle when dealing with any health-related event or diagnosis, reminding listeners that grief is a natural response to a loss and that it is non-linear – while you may accept it one day, another day may bring anger or denial.

She highlights the incredible support offered by peer-to-peer networks that create a space to share experiences, connections, and access to helpful resources when living with or supporting someone with a health condition. To connect with others who have similar lived experiences, join the CANet Community of Patients & Caregivers at www.facebook.com/canetinc.

Click here to learn more about the University of Ottawa Heart Institutes’ Women@Heart Peer Support Group Program, a peer support program led by women with heart disease for women with heart disease.

For more information on cardiovascular risk factors, visit: canetinc.ca/cardiovascular-health/

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