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CANet Trainee Danaka Porter

Danaka Porter

When discussing her experience as a CHAT Trainee, Danaka notes that she enjoys being part of chat because “I get to know and collaborate with other members who I would otherwise not meet. We get to trade and share knowledge and connections and complain about being in grad school, ha! It is also great to be around people studying and interested in the same topics I am! I am currently writing a paper with another CHAT member that I met through CHAT! It's a great group to join.”.

Daniel Lancini

Daniel most enjoys being a chat member for the fantastic research and educational advantage it holds and the networking opportunities with like-minded clinicians and researchers in cardiac arrhythmia. In particular, he was granted a CHAT Travel Award, which was instrumental in facilitating his travel to Heart Rhythm 2023.

Benjamin Leung

“As an aspiring resuscitation scientist with an engineering background, I have expertise in quantitative methods, but not so much experience with the clinical world. Being a part of CANet CHAT has helped me make, strengthen, and keep important connections with both mentors and peers, who have helped me grow in both my clinical knowledge base as well as becoming a better researcher, colleague, and human being”.
CANet Trainee Bianca Mammarella

Bianca Mammarella

"I have been exposed to a multidisciplinary group of individuals from physicians to allied health partners who have broadened my perspectives in cardiology. I love the intersectionality of cardiology, and through being in CHAT, I can explore all of the unique disciplines integrated into our trainee network."
CANet Trainee Shaun Ranada

Shaun Ranada

“Becoming a member of CHAT has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge and invaluable research skills that has been instrumental to my goal in advancing cardiovascular research. CANet has provided me with opportunities to converse with like-minded colleagues/experts, providing me with networking opportunities and by allowing me to take part in events/conferences and competitions that will strengthen my research and career development. The benefits of becoming a CHAT member have been considerable and I am very pleased with everything it has offered me. Being a member of CHAT has not only improved my skills and knowledge in the research areas I am interested in but overall improved who I am as a person, a student, and a researcher by providing me with various resources and opportunities of personal growth.”

Isabela Roque Marçal

“My short experience being a CANet has been incredible. I became a member as soon as I moved to Canada to start my PhD studies, as many colleagues endorsed the importance of their health initiatives. Weekly newsletters, featured trainees, and most importantly, awards to postgraduate students, help us to improve our knowledge, network, and research skills, and consequently, strengthen our career development.”
CANet Trainee Jake Gray

Jake Gray

“Being a part of the CANet CHAT community has given me an opportunity to connect with like minded individuals and grow my perspective on patient care and opportunities for research.”
CANet Trainee Amy Johnston

Amy Johnston

“CANet CHAT offers several valuable resources and exciting opportunities for trainees who do arrhythmia-related research. From travel and publication awards to workshops and important networking opportunities with other trainees, clinicians, and researchers- there is something for everyone to benefit from! If you want to take advantage of opportunities to help strengthen your research and enhance your career development, I encourage all trainees engaged in arrhythmia-related research to consider joining the CANet CHAT community.”
CANet Trainee Kim Ruether

Kim Ruether

"As a passionate advocate for increasing SCA survival, it is important to be a part of the CANet CHAT community to learn about the enormous scope of cardiac related research. It provides a window to others working in this field, which helps to break down the sense of isolation and futility when I am feeling disheartened or frustrated with how slowly change seems to happen. It is humbling to be linked to so many brilliant researchers and delightful humans that are working to improve survival and happy neurological outcomes."
CANet Trainee Muneed Ahmed

Muneeb Ahmed

“CANet offers resources tailored for members at all stages of training. This includes access to its Canada-wide network of experts in arrhythmias, allowing CHAT members to network with peers and meet new mentors. Furthermore, CHAT has several awards that facilitate further growth in a trainee’s academic career including the CANet Travel Award. This generous award provided me with the opportunity to present our research at the 71st Annual Scientific Session & Expo hosted by the American College of Cardiology in Washington, DC. I had the privilege of speaking to and learning from various experts in many different sub specialties within medicine."
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