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Jaspreet Randhawa

When asked what Jaz enjoys about being a CHAT Trainee, she shared “CANet is a vibrant ecosystem with diverse and passionate healthcare leaders, change-makers and trainees dedicated to advancing cardiac research. Through active engagement in this community, we have the chance to emerge ourselves in a supportive environment where we can learn, grow, and make a meaningful difference in patient-centric care together. By keeping the patient perspective at the core of our initiatives, our members contribute to transformative advancements in cardiac research, shaping a brighter future for healthcare.” 

Janel Dhooma

When asked what Janel most enjoys about the CANet CHAT community, she shared that “CANet provided an enriching environment for professional growth, offering opportunities to enhance my skills and connect with like-minded individuals, ultimately empowering me to achieve my career goals with focus and determination.”

Nicholas Grubic

When reflecting on his experience as a CHAT Trainee, Nick said “As a member of the CANet CHAT community, it has been amazing to learn about the novel research and scientific initiatives that are currently being led by emerging cardiovascular leaders across Canada. This pan-Canadian trainee network provides a platform to meet like-minded colleagues and foster multidisciplinary scientific collaborations in cardiovascular science and public health. The CANet CHAT community is extremely welcoming and supports the ongoing development of both clinical and research trainees. Others should join the CANet CHAT community for opportunities to advance their academic training, such as through educational workshops and knowledge dissemination events.”

Mika’il Visanji

When discussing his experience as a CHAT Trainee, Mika’il said “Being a member of the CANet CHAT community has been a tremendous opportunity for me, positively impacting my education in several ways. Through my involvement with this organization, I have had the privilege of presenting my work at two Expert Knowledge Exchanges (EKEs). Immersing myself in these environments, I’ve had the opportunity to meet experts in the field and fellow trainees. In fact, at the most recent EKE, I presented a project led by a PI whose work I first learned about at the previous year’s event.”.

Jacquie Baker

When asked why she enjoys being a CHAT Member, Jacquie said, “Being a member of the CANet CHAT community has been an immensely rewarding experience for me. The community provides an exceptional environment for early career researchers and trainees, fostering a collaborative spirit that is conducive to both professional and personal growth. This network also facilitates knowledge exchange and creates a sense of belonging and encouragement. CANet creates a vibrant and dynamic community that enhances the overall learning experience. Joining CANet CHAT is not just an opportunity to engage in patient-oriented research but also to become part of a supportive community that values and nurtures trainee potential”.

Simran Deo

When discussing what she likes most about being a CHAT Member, Simran shared “being a CANet CHAT member has enriched my journey in inherited cardiac condition research by connecting me with a dynamic and multidisciplinary community of individuals ranging from clinicians and researchers to allied health professionals. The opportunity to attend conferences to learn and network with such diverse groups has allowed me to broaden my perspectives and supported my personal growth as a researcher. There are several invaluable resources & opportunities offered through CANet CHAT, and I have truly enjoyed the ability to explore various facets of cardiology while reinforcing the importance of patient engagement in research practices”.
CANet Trainee Danaka Porter

Danaka Porter

When discussing her experience as a CHAT Trainee, Danaka notes that she enjoys being part of chat because “I get to know and collaborate with other members who I would otherwise not meet. We get to trade and share knowledge and connections and complain about being in grad school, ha! It is also great to be around people studying and interested in the same topics I am! I am currently writing a paper with another CHAT member that I met through CHAT! It's a great group to join.”.

Daniel Lancini

Daniel most enjoys being a chat member for the fantastic research and educational advantage it holds and the networking opportunities with like-minded clinicians and researchers in cardiac arrhythmia. In particular, he was granted a CHAT Travel Award, which was instrumental in facilitating his travel to Heart Rhythm 2023.

Benjamin Leung

“As an aspiring resuscitation scientist with an engineering background, I have expertise in quantitative methods, but not so much experience with the clinical world. Being a part of CANet CHAT has helped me make, strengthen, and keep important connections with both mentors and peers, who have helped me grow in both my clinical knowledge base as well as becoming a better researcher, colleague, and human being”.
CANet Trainee Bianca Mammarella

Bianca Mammarella

"I have been exposed to a multidisciplinary group of individuals from physicians to allied health partners who have broadened my perspectives in cardiology. I love the intersectionality of cardiology, and through being in CHAT, I can explore all of the unique disciplines integrated into our trainee network."
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